About the founder

Hello, I'm Nicholas Hutter


I currently work as a Actuary in specialty insurance, though in my free time I write insurance and investment research articles and manage a tutoring company called Palzo Tutors.

Outside of the insurance and investment world:

Areas of exploration


Kadmia Research is the premier outlet for research on the topics of insurance economics, investment strategy and risk management. Our research informs practice, corporate and household risk management, and brings to light new and innovative perceptions about market movements and industry transformation.


We believe students/graduates bring new and innovative ideas to the table, however very few are given the platform to convey and further develop their ideas. As such we seek to provide that platform and produce articles with the aim of clarity, simplicity, and accuracy.

Who is welcome

We invite all curious minds to join our team. If you have the drive to dig deeper and inquire, examine, and provide solutions and foresight to industry problems and opportunities; then we want you.


The investment section of Kadmia Research encapsulates a wide range of stock and industry assessments. We do not focus on any one particular sector, instead this category contains in-depth research papers as well as discussion articles on technical and market subjects, and aims to equip the global investment community with practical and cutting-edge research in order to understand and assess their own investment strategies.

Machine Learning and AI

In this section we will investigate how the application of machine learning techniques can improve the models and/or assessments we use within traditional financial analysis under the headings of Insurance, Investment, and in particular Actuarial Science.

Coming soon...


Kadmia Research produces data driven articles with the purpose of enabling risk focussed decision making and providing the framework to identify strategic opportunities in the insurance industry.

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